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​The mission of the JEDI Council is to co-create between faculty, students, and staff a sustainable structure and financial measure that supports long term objectives for justice and equity across our academic community.  The Council strives to work with multiple initiatives to connect, evolve, and propel the ongoing process of evaluating social justice and anti-racism. ​


​It is 2025 and the Saybrook University Community embodies a social justice-oriented curriculum, policies, and procedures that reflect our community and the populations our programs support. We believe that all life is immeasurable and deserves an equitable environment for realizing every being's potential to thrive in a just, inclusive, and sustainable world. The JEDI Council strives for a culture at Saybrook University that celebrates and engages multiple voices from historically marginalized communities to attract a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff that aligns with the national demographics of the United States.


​The purpose of the Saybrook University JEDI Council is to collaborate with an external consultant to advance social justice initiatives across the university, develop and incorporate ongoing assessment processes to determine strengths and challenges in supporting students, faculty, and staff, and identify and dismantle White supremacist structures that perpetuate barriers for historically marginalized individuals.​

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