​​​​​​​Faculty and Staff Appointments

​​​Dear Students:

Some faculty will be available to meet with students one-on-one during the virtual RC. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting faculty via the method specified below.

Please note that some faculty will not be available during the RC for one-on-one virtual meetings due to the teaching commitments.


Financial Aid: [email protected]

Student Accounts: [email protected]


DLM Department of Leadership and Management:

Tom Hayashi: https://calendly.com/dr-tom-hayashi

Mary Kay Chess: https://calendly.com/mchess

Marsha Willard: https://calendly.com/mwillard-4



Noah Lowenstein: https://calendly.com/nlowenstein


MBM Faculty:

Devorah Curtis: https://calendly.com/dcurtis-7

Luann Fortune: https://calendly.com/lfortune

Julie Cerrato: https://calendly.com/jcerrato

Selene Vega: https://calendly.com/selenekvega

Cliff Smyth: https://calendly.com/cliff-smyth

Valerie Worthington: https://calendly.com/vworthington1

Dorianne Cotter-Lockard: https://calendly.com/dcotter-lockard



Shannon Corder Scott: https://calendly.com/scorder1


Research and IRB:

Laura Brewer: https://calendly.com/laura_brewer


Writing Center:

Peter Fontaine: [email protected]

Christina Hutchinson: [email protected]