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Counseling Services for Students 

Saybrook University is proud to partner with Student Solutions to provide students with access to counseling, financial, and legal assistance. As a student with Saybrook, you are eligible to receive three counseling sessions per area of concern covered by the university. The Student Solutions team is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week for confidential support. You can access these resources online atwww.guidanceresources.com with the Web ID: SAYBROOK or via phone at 866.379.0894.   

Food resources

Farm Fresh To​ You and Full Circle

Farm Fresh To You and Full Circle are innovative Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and home and office delivery service that provides fresh, local, organic produce and artisan groceries to consumers' doorsteps throughout California, Oregon, Washington,Idaho and Alaska. This second-generation, family-operated company pioneered the organic food movement and connects consumers with the land and farms that grow their food. The company aims to change the food system to a more sustainable model that focuses on seasonal produce from local farms and quality food products from local makers. Farm Fresh To You and Full Circle makes it easy for consumers to eat organically grown produce as part of a healthy lifestyle by offering several different box types and sizes delivered on a frequency to fit each customer's unique needs. Customers are able to modify (customize) each delivery and choose from over 90 varieties of organic produce and over 600 natural grocery staples and unique artisanal foods.

Their online farmers market is fully customizable to each family's dietary needs, we offer full control over delivery schedule, no delivery fees, and satisfaction guaranteed. There is no commitment and no contract. In fact, your payment is not processed until the Sunday after your box was brought to your home. You simply pick it or skip it and you always pick what you want. We pick and pack with gloves and bring it to your door (contactless delivery).  

Visit Farm Fresh To You or Full Circle to take advantage of the 10% Ongoing Discount – USE ​CODE: SAYBROOK​.​

COVID-19 Resources

There is a wealth of information regarding the pandemic. We ask that you keep yourself informed, stay vigilant, and reach out for assistance along the way. Some of the most effective resources include the CDC as well as your state and local public health departments. Maintaining your health is key. 

COVID-19 Prevention and Spread Reduction Tips 

The pandemic requires each of us to do our part from frequent handwashing to social distancing to self-isolating if we think we’re sick to adhering to local, regional, and government public health mandates/requests. Here are a few helpful quick resources. 

Student Virtual Portal: If you'd like to discuss your experiences and share coping skills during this time of coronavirus with others in your Saybrook family, please visit the Saybrook Student Virtual Community Canvas shell at https://tcsedsystem.instructure.com/enroll/86XJPE. Once enrolled in the shell, click on the "SPECIAL DISCUSSION: COPING WITH CORONA" button. 

The Saybrook Student Virtual Community was developed to help all Saybrook students stay connected with each other throughout the year.  Feel free to share information, create discussions, contribute photos, or participate in the community in some other way. The shell was developed BY Saybrook students, FOR Saybrook students. Hopefully, we can use it to communicate with each other in a meaningful and nurturing way. 

Mindfulness Moments  

Saybrook University is proud to provide access to our Mindfulness Moments podcast episodes. Anyone anywhere in the world can discover and learn to enjoy the gift of mindfulness. Launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Mind-Body Medicine faculty banded together to provide these recorded sessions, which are available below, as a source of centering and solace in these extraordinary times. 

“Mind-body practices provide much needed restoration and sources of health. These practices, such as guided meditation and imagery, have been demonstrated in multiple research studies to contribute to improved immunity, as well as better quality of life. Applying content from the curriculum and research, our Mind-Body Medicine faculty continue to lead brief daily meditations. Taking a few minutes from the stress of daily responsibilities through a structured mindfulness practice can support wellness and a stronger immune system and help restore balance.” 

—Luann Fortune, Ph.D., Specialization Coordinator, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences