At Saybrook University we are committed to academic excellence. Philosophically and in practice, Saybrook’s pedagogy challenges the status quo and offers alternatives to mainstream axioms—fostering positive social transformational change. We maintain an emphasis on the core Humanistic values of dignity, unconditional positive regard, self-responsibility, and self-actualizing potential. ​​


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Academi​c Affairs
​ ​

Vice President
​for Academic Affairs

Robyn Parker, PhD 
Vice President fo​r Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer
[email protected]

 List of Deans

College of Social Sciences
Charlotte Hamilton, PhD 
Dean, College of Social Sciences
[email protected] 

College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences
Don Moss, PhD
Dean, Co​llege of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences
 [email protected]

Research and Sponsored Programs
Laura Brewer, PhD
Dean, Research and Sponsored Programs
 [email protected] ​