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Your academic advisor is available to assist you with successfully navigating graduate school.  Your advisor can help in resolving unforeseen issues, overcoming academic probation, or by connecting to campus and external resources. ​

Academic Advising and Faculty Advising: what is the difference?

Academic advising is a partnership between the student, college, and faculty advisor.  Students should work with both – their academic and faculty advisors for guidance in satisfying all degree requirements and timely degree completion. 

Academic Advising

Academic advisors assist students with understanding their program plan, academic policies and procedures, key university dates (i.e., term start, add/drop deadlines, degree conferral deadlines, etc.)

When should I meet with my academic advisor?

  • At the beginning of your program to review your program plan
  • During course registration periods to select and sign up for classes in a future semester
  • Discuss Satisfactory Academic Progress and Maximum Timeframe
  • Discuss add, drop, and course repeat policies
  • Discuss issues of academic warning, academic probation, academic dismissal, withdrawing, requesting a leave of absence
  • Degree audits and to review graduation eligibility

Faculty Advising

Faculty advisors assist students with understanding pedagogy and course sequencing. 

When should I meet with my faculty advisor?

  • At the beginning of your program to review your program plan
  • Declaring a specialization or certification to your program of study
  • Discuss specific courses and requirements for the program
  • Review Department of Research course sequencing, advanced-research methods, and selecting a dissertation topic.
  • Advisement on forming a committee for dissertation, essays, or a master's project/thesis

 Frequently Asked Questions

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