​Explore a new approach to business with Saybrook's Master of Business Administration (“MBA") and Doctor of Business Administration (“DBA") programs, focused on the quadruple bottom line: people, planet, and profit guided by purpose. Because the support for the people you serve, the protection of the planet we share, and improved profits are all achievable when you are guided by purpose.

MBA and DBA graduates will be able to apply their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Leadership and organizational behavior
  • Sustainable systems design and transformation
  • Economics and trends in global business
  • Management strategies in human resources training, development, and knowledge
  • Organizational systems analysis
  • Technology, information systems, communications, and marketing
  • Business development and entrepreneurism

    Saybrook's progressive approach to education incorporates modern, sustainable practices for business operations and management, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to lead organizations to thrive in the present and the future.

    Saybrook University is committed to advancing a people-centered approach to improving the conditions of individuals and society. Students in the business administration programs will benefit from studying global systems through a humanistic lens to positively affect leadership and organizational development in for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Business Administration Programs