​​​​​​​​​​Conference Registration

How do I register for the conference?
Click here ​to register for the RC. 

I am a new student; will I be registered for the conference automatically?
No, all new students must register themselves for the conference.

If I already registered for classes, do I also need to register on the conference site?
Yes, they are two different registrations. The Residential Orientation and Conference site is for Conference booking only. Contact the Office of the Registrar if you need assistance with course registration.


Who attends the RO and/or RC?
RO and RC dates are specific to each program. 
What are the RO and RC dates?
The RO will take place on Monday, August 30th and Tuesday​, August 31st. The RC dates are specific to each program. 
Who do I contact with site registration questions?
Please contact [email protected].edu. The Saybrook Academic Affairs also may be able to assist at