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​​​Welcome to the Saybrook University 

Residential Orientation and Conference Information Site! 

Fall 2021 Virtual Conference

Wellness, Resilience, and Renewal​  

Monday, August 30th-Sunday, September 5th​

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During RC
RC Help Desk

IT (ZOOM connection or Tech issues related to the RC):

Dedicated IT RC Help Line:

For Zoom or tech issues related to the RC, call the dedicated IT RC Help Line at 626-529-8409. 

This line will be available all hours and days the RC is running and is ONLY for RC-related issues.

Regular IT Help Desk Line (Non-RC issues):

Don't call the dedicated IT RC Help Line for non-RC issues. 

Instead, call the regular IT Help Desk at 1-800-747-8367 or 312-467-8600.​

Sophie Woodard
Academic Events Coordinator and Academic Affairs Assistant ​​​
s[email protected]