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Get involved in our Saybrook student organizations. The term "student organization" refers to any group of students officially recognized by SaybrookUniversity as a registered organization.  Student organizations are formed by a group of students​ around a common interest. Student organization membership is limited to current active Saybrook students.​

If you have questions about starting a student organization contact us [email protected].

Registered Student Organization (RSO)

The Black Activism in Action Community Association (BAIACA)
Our mission is to hold students and faculty accountable for dismantling systems of oppression and to foster multicultural inclusivity among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) within counseling spaces. Our goal is to bring activism and equity into counselor education and future professional practices.​​

Saybrook Psych​ophysiology Association (SPA)
Saybrook’s Psychophysiology Association is open to all students with the objective of applying and expanding one's knowledge of psychophysiology including: neurofeedback, biofeedback, and hypnosis. SPA also focuses on networking within the community and committing to the needs of psychophysiology students.​

Student Interest Group (SIG)​ 

Saybrook Psychedelic Society  
Saybrook Psychedelic Society provides a safe space for like-minded individuals to collaborate, advocate and educate on all things related to non-ordinary states of consciousness. It is our goal to partner with a number of influential organizations, to equip us with the skills and resources we need to successfully take part in the Psychedelic Revolution that is now taking place before us. It is our goal to foster compassionate, intelligent. discussions of psychedelics, psychedelic states, and the cultural implications of these powerful medicines, while also incorporating critical analysis and discussions in response to cutting edge research around psychedelics as well.  

The Queer Alliance Collective (QAC)
The Queer Alliance Collective is a group of queer allies and those on the LGBTQ+ spectrum that aims to hold a safe space to gather, learn, and connect. The goal of QAC is to provide a space for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies at Saybrook, students and staff alike, to meet and discuss current topics in LGBTQ+ news through key speaker presentations and intimate gatherings. Monthly meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month where a specific topic will be discussed and an open forum will be provided in the form of “Fire-side Chats”, where members can freely discuss personal issues, questions, or topics. This group is unique in that we want to be inclusive of not just students, but Saybrook faculty as well. This open, inclusive dynamic will provide exponential opportunities to engage across subjects and make meaningful connections that can enrich the Saybrook experience.