Re-Entry Procedures:

​A student who is withdrawn may request re-entry within 365 days of their last day of attendance and only after all financial obligations have been met. A completed Re-Entry Request Form is required to initiate the review process. Students who would like to return after the 365-day window has elapsed must re-apply and will be held to the requirements of the program at the time of re-application.  Re-admission or re-entry is not guaranteed or a right and a Department Chair may decline a student's request for either. 

Students who withdraw after being in Academic & FA Warning, Academic & FA Probation, Pending Probation, or Academic & FA Suspension will need to meet with their Department Chair to develop an Academic Recovery Plan.  The Academic Recovery Plan should detail how the student will return to Good Standing.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for re-entry, or have questions about where to start, please contact your Academic Advisor or Department Chair for further guidance.