Dissertation Services


The Dissertation Services Office supports doctoral students and dissertation faculty with administrative functions around the dissertation process, including filing petitions to form committees and the documentation of dissertation milestones.

What is an academic or research Petition?

Saybrook research petitions are requests that are formalized through the review and approval of faculty and administrators. At Saybrook there are many types of academic petitions, such as petitions to cr​eate research committees, petitions to take courses, and petitions for incomplete grades.

Currently, two research doctoral dissertation petitions are available online and managed by Dissertation Services:

  • ​Petition to Form the Dissertation Committee (PTFDC)
  • Request for External Committee Form
Other petitions are available from the Saybrook Registrar's Forms​.  The benefit of using an online system for petitions is that it documents the review process and allows for reporting additional information about the committee or project.​

Where do you submit an online Petition?

The Petition to Form the Dissertation Committee and the Request for External Committee Member Form are submitted and reviewed online in Mentor IRB.  The button below will open a new tab with Mentor Petitions​ and will log you in using your Saybrook login credentials.​​


​​​Note: If you get logged out, or timed-out, while using Mentor Petitions, you may be asked to enter your Institutional ID to log back in.  Our Institutional ID is:  saybrook​

Where can you find Mentor Petitions guidance and support?

For more information about using Saybrook's online petition system, please login to ​Mentor Petitions and navigate to the Resources area.  You can also join us at our weekly IRB/DS Office hours, which can be found on our Research & IRB Calendar.​​​​​​  We can also be reached at [email protected].