Schedule a Tutoring Session​

The Center for Writing and Academic Success (CWAS) utilizes Writing Center Online (WC Online) for scheduling and conducting our online writing consultations. This page will provide an overview of how to create an account, manage appointments, and use the toolbar once you have joined your consultation. To schedule an appointment, click here to go to WC Online's login page. If you have any questions or encounter any problems when scheduling or modifying an appointment, you can reach the CWAS at [email protected].

​​What you need to know

  • The CWAS asks that students schedule appointments 48 hours in advance. 
  • You may upload a copy of your draft after you have scheduled the appointment.
  • You may add yourself to a waiting list if there is no availability.
  • WC Online allows you to view any adjustments made to your draft in WC Online.
  • Students are limited to 1 appointment per 7 day period. 

How to Create an Account​​​

​The video below describes how to create and manage an appointment using WC Online. All information presented in the video is also described below. 

​​Video Tutorial


​​Written Instructions

​To create an account, first go to WC Online's login page at You will then be sent to the main login page (pictured below).

To create an account, click on “Register for an account."

ou will then be taken to a page titled "Register for a New Account" where you can enter your information using your Saybrook login credentials. Note that you must use your Saybrook student email in order to create an account.

Complete all mandatory fields and select “Complete registration on the bottom left.

You will be sent back to the login page after completing your initial registration. ​

​Appointment Management

Once you login to WC Online, you will be taken to the schedule for the current semester. This will look something similar to the image blow (note that a sample schedule is being used here).

WCO Appointment Management.PNG

At the top of the page you can select “previous week" or “next week" to move through the schedule or access old appointments. Additionally, you may click on the calendar icon to move to any point in the current semester. Select “current week" to return to your original date.

Each day has a list of tutors, with varying availability. The legend below details the color-coding system used for appointments.


Once you have found a day that you would like to meet with a tutor, select an open slot with the tutor you would like to work with. If there is no availability, you may add yourself to a waiting list by selecting “Waiting List: Date" at the bottom right of the day you would like an appointment. 

Note that we use a slot system, rather than designated times. This is because of the nature of our student schedules and staffing needs. A specific time will be arranged between you and the tutor after you have created the appointment. It may be modified if needed. 

Once you click on the slot you will be sent to the page “Create New Appointment" (pictured below).

A brief bio of the tutor you have selected is provided in the first box. This may help you in selecting a tutor for the first time.

The second box allows you to select the appointment types available for the tutor. Tutors are available for two types of appointments.

  1. Online (Synchronous) Appointments: These appointments will be used by a majority of students and is the default option. Online (synchronous) appointments allow you to meet with the tutor in real-time using the WC Online platform. Details on using the platform are provided in “WC Online: During a Consultation."
  2. Written Feedback (Asynchronous) Appointments: This option is limited to students that either have an accommodation letter indication that this appointment type would better support the student OR have strenuous scheduling circumstances (i.e., the student lives with a 13-hour time difference and it is difficult to meet in real time).

After you have selected your appointment type, complete the mandatory fields by indicating you course, instructor, and detailing what you would like to work on with your tutor. You may describe any areas that you would like to focus on during the session. In addition, you may copy and paste an assignment description here.

Once you have included all the mandatory fields, you may scroll down. Here, you will be able to upload any documents (pictured above). Documents that are frequently uploaded include:

  • Assignment description, rubric, or course syllabus
  • A draft of the assignment being reviewed during the consultation
  • Accommodation letter (if you have one, we must get a copy of your letter in order to provide the accommodations)
  • Any other material relevant to what you would like to work on during the session

Note that you are only able to upload a maximum of 3 files. Any additional files may be emailed to your tutor if necessary. 

Click “create appointment" at the bottom left. 

You will be sent to the page “View Existing Appointment" (pictured below) with an indicator that you have successfully scheduled the appointment. At this point, you should also receive a confirmation email (unless you adjusted your email preferences). Your tutor will also receive a notification that you have scheduled an appointment and will contact you via email to arrange a specific time to meet with you.

From the “View Existing Appointment" page, you can edit your appointment or, when needed, cancel your appointment by using the appropriate buttons.

Note that in order to schedule an appointment, you do not need to have a draft of your paper. You may add this later. We ask that students schedule appointments 48 hours in advance. You can always login to WC Online, click on your appointment, edit the appointment, and attach your draft later. ​​