Note​-Taking Strategies

In the prewriting, outlining, and first draft stages of your writing process, take care to keep good notes of what sources you are citing and where. It is recommended that students label ideas in their notes that are their own as (ME) while noting the author and year of ideas and/or words from others. It is also recommended that source page numbers be included in the notes in case you would like to refer back to that point in the source. Maintain a list of the sources that you use as you take notes.


Take Ini​​tiative

If there is something that you do not understand about your assignment, talk with your professor. If you are still cautious about citing ideas accurately, click here to schedule an appointment with a writing coach at the Center for Writing and Academic Success. A writing coach can work with you to identify any potential spots where unintentional plagiarism may have occurred.


Additional Resources

For more information on avoiding plagiarism, download a copy of the PDF Avoiding Plagarism and Self-Plagiarism Guide created by APA Style (n.d.).


In addition, you can view a recording of a workshop presented by Dr. Luann Fortune in the Center's canvas shell. First you must enroll in the course, then follow this link: Presentation: Plagiarism, Recycling, and Branding (Fortune, 2020)​.​