Saybrook's Center for Writing and Academic Success provides free and unlimited access to Turnitin. Using this resource, you may submit your paper and receive a Turnitin score to determine if the assignment needs revision prior to submitting a final draft. Using the Turnitin Trial Submission will provide the opportunity to avoid any unintentional plagiarism. Additionally, some professors require a specific score from Turnitin for written assignments. Consult with your instructor about course-specific Turnitin requirements.

How to Generat​​e a Turnitin Report

To access the Turnitin Trial Submission, use the following instructions:​

  1. Enroll in the Center for Writing and Academic Success' Cavas Shell here: https://tcsedsystem.instructure.com/enroll/944E6Y. If you have already enrolled, you may enter the course through your dashboard.
  2. Once in the course, click “Turnitin Trial Submission" on the left-hand navigation bar. Alternately, click "Assignments" and select the assignment “Turnitin Trial Paper Submissions—XXXX" where XXXX is the current year. For example, “Turnitin Trial Paper Submissions—2022" is the assignment for the 2022 calendar year.
  3. Follow the instructions within the assignment for generating the report. Don't forget to allow time for the report to generate. This can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 24 hours.

​If you encounter any issues while generating a Turnitin report, please contact us at [email protected]. Additionally, if you would like support in understanding your report or revising your paper to improve your score, you may schedule an appointment with a staff member from the Center for Writing and Academic Success here: https://saybrook.mywconline.com/


Tur​nitin FAQs

Turnitin is ultimately a computer algorithm that finds similarities between your document and other documents in its system. That is all it is doing—finding patterns. This may yield some issues that students often ask about. 

The title of my document is f​lagged as being plagiarized. What do I do?

This happens a lot. As mentioned above, Turnitin has found a pattern…someone else has written a document with your title already. Generally speaking, this is not a point of concern, but if you need to lower your score, try making your title more specific or more creative. For example, a paper titled “Dogs" would probably yield a lot of matching results whereas “The Benefits of Being a Dog Owner" or “Dogs…Can't Live Without Them!" might be less likely to yield a similarity score.


My reference entries are being flagged in the report. Is this accurate?

Once again, Turnitin is finding a pattern. Believe it or not, it is actually a good thing that Turnitin is marking your reference entries because it simply means that you have used the same source as someone else and both of you have cited it using the same formatting. This indicates that you have likely formatted our APA style entry correctly. Consult with your instructor about how to resolve this if necessary.


I have accurately​ cited my direct quotes, but they are still being flagged. How do I resolve this?

All this means is that you have quoted something and the settings are not quite right. Depending on the settings of the assignment, direct quotes may be flagged. If this is the case, your instructor may prefer that you use paraphrased material rather than directly quoting the original source. Check out our page “Avoiding Plagiarism: Paraphrasing & Quoting Sources​" for more information on how to paraphrase material and when it is appropriate to use direct quotes. ​​