​​​​​​For many, writing a dissertation is a new experience. The resources on this page are selected to help you get started with the writing process and/or overcome barriers when you feel "stuck." There are general resources as well as resources for each section of a standard dissertation. Of course, any guidelines or requirements of your committee will take precedence over any material presented here.

​General Resources

Cha​pter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: L​iterature Review

​To view a recording of “Fundamentals of Literature Reviews" Parts 1 & 2, presented by Dr. Luann Fortune and Saybrook librarian, Kirsten Klinghammer, enroll in the Center for Writing and Academic Success' Canvas Shell and go to the module titled "Event Recordings & Handouts." Then, locate the page "Fundamentals of a Literature Review (2021)."

​Chapter 3​: Methodology

Chapter 4: Findings / Results

​Chapter 5: ​​Conclusion