​​Attendance/Participation Requirements​

Enrollment in Saybrook University courses requires you to submit a post in the Post Attendance Discussion Forum within the online Canvas course platform for each course in which you ar​e enrolled.​

  • You must submit your attendance post, per the instructions in the forum, before the Add/Drop deadline of each term.

  • Your completion of this discussion post before the due date will count as your initial attendance for each course.

  • In addittion, you are responsible for understanding the specific requirements of participating in the class in which you are enrolled, as they are outlined in the syllabus.

Important: You must complete the Post Attendance discussion post in each individual course in which you are registered in order to stay enrolled. 

Those students who have not posted in the Post Attendance discussion by the Add/Drop deadline will be administratively removed from the course (please see the Academic Calendar here for the official deadline).