Degree Conferral, Diplomas and/or Certificates

​Through the course of their degree progress, students should be working with their Academic Departments to determine the appropriate coursework that that they will need to pass successfully to earn a degree from Saybrook University. 

The Degree Conferral process begins once all coursework has been completed, and students have met their degree requirements.  As students are about to complete their requirements they should submit a Petition to Graduate form​ to notify the Registrar’s Office that they are ready for the Degree Conferral process. 

The Registrar’s Office will review degree requirements listed in the Academic Catalog based on the year that the student was admitted.  (For special scenarios such as Program Changes, please direct questions to the Registrar’s Office.)  Once it is determined that all requirements have been met successfully, the Registrar’s Office will process the degree conferral which will be documented on the student’s official transcript.  This process generally occurs at the close of each semester or the close of each month for students who are working to complete the dissertation process. 

For relevant deadlines concerning document submission and processing, please refer to the Academic Calendar

Once a student’s degree/certificate has been conferred, a diploma order will be placed and the student will receive their diploma in the mail.  Students should complete the Diploma Name and Address Confirmation​ form (link: to ensure that the Registrar’s Office has the correct information on file.  Please note that diplomas/certificates take 6-8 weeks to arrive after the Degree Conferral deadline. ​